Production launches

The service is addressed primarily to the companies involved in the assembly process of final products, distributors of plastic, aluminium or zinc components.

On customer’s request we conduct a full range of implementation works, i.e:

  • Optimisation of the outline of the workpiece in terms of meeting the technological requirements for the moulding process;
  • Adjustment of the visual aspects of the part in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics;
  • Material selection based on the guidelines for the application of the part, physical and chemical properties of the working environment of the part, etc;
  • Economic analysis of production and mould multiplicity based on estimated production volume and complexity of the part;
  • Designing the tool based on the results of tasks described above;
  • Ordering the manufacturing of the tool in a tool shop;
  • Ordering injection molding tests at our affiliated injection moulding plant or a customer-designated one, final part manufacturer;
  • Design and technological optimizations implemented as a result of conducted tests;
  • Shipping of the tool together with complete documentation, ready for the part production;

By choosing this solution the customer:

  • contacts with only one entity responsible during the entire project workflow;
  • no need to possess technical knowledge in the area of plastics processing or high pressure die casting;
  • no need for client to coordinate the entire workflow;

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Our projects

Examples of special orders we have carried out for our customers


Tool adjustment

Reduce part weight and optimize production efficiency by modifying a HP die cast mold for aluminium (designed and manufactured by a competitive company)
Relieving the weight of a workpiece by introducing ribbing, wall thickness correction in non-visible areas, applying industrial design to visible areas.
Part weight reduced by 30%
Production cycle time reduced by 20%

Increasing production efficiency

Tool adjustment

Increase production efficiency and reduce part weight by adapting forming nests and tool functional sections
Normalisation of wall thickness, introduction of ribbing in thermal junction areas, increased efficiency of the thermostatic system for cavities and forming cores
Improved workpiece surface quality
Eliminated problems associated with casting defects
Reduced part weight from 2.4kg to 1.9kg


Postal address:

PIKFORM Paweł Kiełbus

46g Wyścigowa St.

26-600 Radom





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